Digital Nomads

The best resource for Digital Nomads in Venezuela, we consult about travel, migration, lodging, lifestyle, budget and any other requirement.


Usually Expats get taken care off by their employers, however many times they are overwhelmed by their new location and sometimes with their concerns. We help clarify such concerns on their endeavors 

Entrepreneurs and Investors

This is probably the best time in recent history to invest in Venezuela, economy is growing meanwhile the world´s economy is on the brink of recession. If you are entreprenurial and have a contrarian mindset, this might be an opportunity for you.


If you are planning to visit Venezuela and you feel insecure about your agenda, lodging, booking or have many question, we can help you take care of business, with a 1-hour consulting session you will have a more clear picture and get a best ROI of your travel budget.

International Governments, Tourism Councils

Special consulting services for local and national goverments looking to improve tourism, receive affluent visitors with simple one in a kind strategies.